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A Podcast that focuses on Wargaming and Skirmishing based games. We discuss games like Guildball, A Song of Ice and Fire, Malifaux, Crisis Protocol, and many more.

May 3rd, 2021    

Rage Quit Wire- Episode 115- Enter the Dark Horse Reva (Malifaux)

In this episode, we get Bryan from the Texas Meta to share his thoughts on Reva and why she is not played as often. We also talk about playstyles in different metas and how that can influence your choices in selecting a master. 


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April 25th, 2021    

Rage Quit Wire- Episode 114- GG2 (Malifaux)

In this episode, Pete, Chris, and Dixon talk about their thoughts on the changes that happened in the Gaining Grounds 2 release. Who got the bat? Who came out ok?


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April 19th, 2021    

Rage Quit Wire- Episode113- The Dark Horse Pandora (Malifaux)

Pete and Dixon talk about one of their favorite dark horses Pandora! She gets played a lot, but she is often looked at as one of the lower picks for masters in Neverborn. Pete and Dixon explain when and why they like bringing her. Fun conversation here, enjoy!


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April 9th, 2021    

Rage Quit Wire- Episode 112-The Dark Horse Wong (Malifaux)

Do you like being a snowflake? Are you a hipster that loves playing underpowered factions? Then this series is for you! We talk about what dark horses are in Malifaux and we look at our first dark horse Wong. What makes him a dark horse and how can you catch your opponents sleeping with him?


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March 22nd, 2021    

Rage Quit Wire- Episode 111- Cadmus Hate (Malifaux)

In this episode, Pete, Dixon, and Chris talk about the internet hate sensation Cadmus keyword! This keyword is receiving a ton of hate! Are they that busted? Pete and Chris played it the other day, tune in to hear their thoughts. Also, the guys talk about using a clock in Malifaux?


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March 6th, 2021    

Rage Quit Wire- Episode 110- Double Masters (Malifaux)

In this episode, Peter, Chris, and Dixon talk about the hated double masters of malifaux! Can this feature of Malifaux be saved? Can you use double masters in fun games? Find out in this episode!


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February 15th, 2021    

Rage Quit Wire- Episode 109- Why play X-Wing 2.0?

In this episode, Pete invites his buddy from the Midwest Erik Prohaska. The guys talk about what makes X-wing a great game, and how the game has improved in the new edition! If you are interested or like X-Wing, you'll like this one!


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February 5th, 2021    

Rage Quit Wire- Episode 108- Gaining Ground Grumps (Malifaux)

In this Episode, Pete, Leopard, and Dixon talk about what they like.... but also what they don't like about GG1 for Malifaux. What strats and schemes are trash? Which masters need more love? Which ones need nerfing? Find out in this episode!


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January 26th, 2021    

Rage Quit Wire- Episode 107- Control Deck Malifaux

In this episode, Pete and Leopard talk with Jeremy Peace about the Control Hand and Deck. When do we prefer to cheat? When to slam down the red joker? How to leverage your hand to win? Great conversation in this one!


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January 12th, 2021    

Rage Quit Wire- Episode 106- Crew Building in Malifaux

In this episode, Pete and Leopard talk about how to build a solid crew in Malifaux. What types of models should you bring? How many Soulstones? How many minions? Why is netlisting so bad in Malifaux? If you're struggling with building a good Faux list, you'll want to listen to this one!


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