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A Podcast that focuses on Wargaming and Skirmishing based games. We discuss games like Guildball, A Song of Ice and Fire, Malifaux, Crisis Protocol, and many more.

March 27th, 2022    

Rage Quit Wire- Episode 154- Original vs Titles Part 2 (Malifaux)

In this episode, Pete, Chris and Dixon talk about the titles for Rezzers, explorers, Guild, and Ten Thunders. We talk about our thoughts and opinions about these titles. Chris also gets some much needed therapy and closure on Explorers being nerfed. 

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March 18th, 2022    

Rage Quit Wire- Episode 153- Original vs Title (Malifaux)

In this episode, Pete and Dixon talk about the original masters vs their title versions. Which one is better for each keyword? We go through Bayou, Outcasts, Neverborn, and Arcanists. 


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March 9th, 2022    

Rage Quit Wire- Episode 152- Lynch Dark Bet (Malifaux)

In this episode Pete and Dixon talk with Joshua MacAran about Ten Thunders Title for Lynch, Dark Bet. We talk mostly about the title and how it works with the Honeypot keyword. This is a long episode! We talk about tournaments, opponents, and more. If you have a keyword you'd like to come on and discus, reach out to Pete at rage.quit.wire@gmail.com 


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February 28th, 2022    

Rage Quit Wire- Episode 151- Malifaux Winter Errata

In Rage Quit Wire's 151st Episode, the guys have on Jesse from Boring Conversation to talk about the 2022 Winter errata. We talk about what we like and what we disliked about the Errata. The guys also talk about Captain Con, competitive play, running events, and much much more! 

February 23rd, 2022    

Rage Quit Wire- Episode 150- Tara and Obliteration (Malifaux)

In this episode, Pete has on Dixon, Jim from the Other Coast podcast and Liam from Australia. We talk about Tara's keyword Obliteration. We discuss what they excel at, what the keyword does, the Tara Timeless Title, and 33 kidnapping strats. 


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February 11th, 2022    

Rage Quit Wire- Episode 149- LVO and CaptainCon (Malifaux)

In this episode, Chris, Pete and Nick Westbrook talk about their Malifaux experience at Las Vegas Open and CaptianCon. We talk about some of our matchups, how we finished, fun experiences, frustrations, and we discuss if competitive Malifaux needs clocks.


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January 30th, 2022    

Rage Quit Wire- Episode 148- State of the Rage Nation (Malifaux)

Pete talks about some upcoming content, LVO and Captain Con. Also looking for an idea for an upcoming keyword episode. If you want to come on and talk about your favorite keyword, let Pete know at rage.quit.wire@gmail.com.


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January 17th, 2022    

Rage Quit Wire- Episode 147- Deep End Moonshiner v. Ivan (Malifaux)

In this episode, Pete and Chris talk about the game that they played. Bayou Moonshiner v. Explorers Ivan in Break the line! This game was interesting and had a lot of cool moments in the game. Do you bring Willpower 6 models vs Ivan? How do you deal with Ivan in your games? See if this worked out well for the Bayou and Pete!


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January 7th, 2022    

Rage Quit Wire- Episode 146- Captain Con & Bayou (Malifaux)

In this episode, Pete brings on Jesse from boring conversation to talk about Captain Con malifaux events Feb 4-6th. They also talk about Jockies, Wizz-Bang, and Sooey keywords. 


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January 1st, 2022    

Rage Quit Wire- Episode 145- LVO Information (Malifaux)

In this episode, Pete invites on Nick and Doug From Texas to talk about the LVO convention happening in January! For more information, check the links below:




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